Fans that have been waiting for Denzel Curry's long-awaited TA13OO will need to wait a little longer as it seems the rapper may have plans to drop a separate project prior to it. Denzel is known for his hard-hitting musical style, spitting quickly and efficiently while developing lyrical methods unique to him. In terms of wordplay and flow, Zeltron is among the top tier of newer rappers. Showing off his skills on the freshly released "Sumo," his forceful nature will likely be toned down a touch for his next album if his tweets are to be believed.

Denzel has previously announced that he would be indefinitely quitting rap, only to release a hip-hop track merely weeks after. Following up on the initial post, the Aquarius'Killa has said that his next album will embrace a different sound altogether, dropping an R&B project before TA13OO. Adding the phrase, "Expect the unexpected" at the end of his statement, this move is indeed unforeseen as many would not have predicted Denzel to be recording a full album in the rhythm & blues genre. While news like this should regularly be taken with a grain of salt, it is unclear if Denzel is being truthful or continuing an elaborate troll job. Signs are pointing to the latter as the rapper tweeted an emphatic "SIIIIIIIKKKKKKE," afterwards, though not as a reply to the original post.

What do you think a Denzel Curry R&B album would sound like and is that something you would listen to? Check out the tweet below and let us know.