It's been a minute, but the lyrically ultimate Denzel Curry has finally posted an update on his upcoming album. The Instagram update, captioned with a mischievous devil emoji, featured a written message, reading:

"To all my supporters,

i'm excited to tell you that the next album is getting closer to what it suppose to sound like...However it will take some time for me to complete it because I want to make my message is clear as day. In the meantime I will be releasing music as soon as I only request is to stay in tuned to what's going on."

The final line is open to interpretation, and it might suggest that Denzel will be going in a more sociopolitical direction. Either way, Curry has been consistently on point, and we imagine his next project will not disappoint. If you're feeling for some Denzel content, check out his foray into the fashion game, or his feature verse on "Monkey See Monkey Do."