By now, the masses have turned Kanye West's scatological turn on "Lift Yourself" into the next "la-di-da-di-da, slob on me knob." In other words, the masterful troll-job from Mr. West has been acknowledged as low key hard. While it would be disappointing to see the zany single appear on Kanye's upcoming album, the strange track is a welcome addition to Kanye's impressive discography, albeit one of his more bizarre ones. Still, the song's playful nature is a good look for Yeezy, and one has to admire his effort. Consider the "Troll toll" paid.

As it happens, the song has earned itself a loyal fan for life. Recently, Denzel Curry took to Instagram to provide a track review, channeling the a YouTube vlogger with well timed edits. "I heard the whole thing, and ya'll want to hear my honest opinion? This shit hard boy! That shit hard as fuck!" says Denzel, with an exuberant smirk. "I don't give a fuck what anybody say, I'm rocking with that shit. In the comment section, if ya'll gon tell me to hold an L, shit, I'ma hold a Grammy of L's bitch, cause that shit is hard!"

He proceeds to bust out his own rendition of the infamous climax. One has to wonder if Kanye's new direction will prove influential on Denzel Curry's long awaited Taboo.