Denzel Curry's performance last night in Knoxville, Tennessee was one for the ages.

It started off like every other Denzel Curry concert. 90% of his show involved him moshing in the crowd, according to u/RazaReact. About halfway in, as Curry performed "ULTIMATE," he and opener Yoshi Thompkins climbed up what they believed to be a wall. Curry toppled over, crashed through the ceiling on the other side, and landed on his head in a women's restroom.

He came out several minutes later, finished the song as he "walked through the crowd saying 'fuck it, fuck it.'" He then left backstage and ended up leaving on a stretcher and was taken to the local hospital in an ambulance. He posted to Twitter and Instagram letting the fans know he's going to be alright. "My dreads saved my life," he wrote. "Keeping my hair for a long time just because I survived the fall."