We've been tracking their movements for a minute. Studio sightings have been numerous, and while we've long suspected that Denzel Curry and J.I.D. were joining forces, concrete evidence proved elusive. Lo and behold, the day has come. Denzel Curry took some off working on his recently announced "RnB" album to confirm that he and J.I.D. were indeed linking up on the anticipated Taboo. 

"Thank you for being apart of the Album," writes Curry, alongside a prototypical studio picture complete with flipped birds. "One of the most genuine people I’ve ever met." There's truth to the claims; one remembers when J.I.D's early-days Para Tu mixtape surfaced, to acclaim from the fans. His response was to upload the project on his Soundcloud for everyone to hear. You don't see many rappers doing that these days, especially those of J.I.D.'s caliber.

Admittedly, information is scarce where Taboo is concerned. We know that Denzel has been working tirelessly to perfect the project. In truth, it's seeming likely that the talented Floridian is sitting on his magnum opus. As far as featured guests, I believe J.I.D. is one of the first to be confirmed for Taboo. Unless, of course, Curry is referring to the RnB album. Either way, hearing both these rappers collaborating on new music is a blessing that should not be taken lightly.