The new wave Florida hip-hop scene runs deep. Despite his relative youth, Carol City's Denzel Curry has emerged as a veteran presence of sorts, establishing himself through a combination of music and insight. Those who follow the young generation might have heard mention of Zel's influence, with his ULT house acting as a gathering ground for aspiring voices. As it happens, one such voice was the late XXXTentacion, who spent some time living under Denzel's roof.

While they only collaborated a few times, it seems as if Denzel and X had respect for one another, even after a brief falling out tested their relationship. Denzel briefly touched on a rekindling of sorts, in which both parties bared their souls, sharing their darkest moments. It's clear that the pair meant a lot to each other, and now, Curry has come forward with some heartwarming footage of a simpler time.

Taking to Instagram, Denzel shares a clip of a street-football match, in which X showcases his skills as a blocker. The good-natured clip is a reminder of X's impact, which has been recently challenged by rapper Vic Mensa. Despite the darker narrative, Denzel has done well in portraying his friend in a positive light. Check out the clip now, and reminisce on what might have been; as great as TA13OO is, an XXXTentacion verse might have been a welcome addition.