True fans have been waiting on Denzel Curry's upcoming Taboo album for a minute, and if you've been keeping up our various updates, you already know that the Aquarius Killa has linked up with IDK for some heat. If you're familiar with both emcees, you probably recognize why this one is so anticipated; Denzel and IDK are both excellent lyricists, who have successfully managed to cater to both old-school and new school hip-hop fans. While either has yet to skyrocket into mainstream ubiquity, they have earned themselves a loyal cult following through strong releases like Imperial (Denzel) & IWASVERYBAD (IDK). 

Earlier this month, Denzel and IDK previewed a brief snippet of their upcoming collaboration, which contains some high-octane and dope lyricism. "Thurgood Marshall artist if you try to hit a foul like Artemis," raps Denzel, "for the new wave I started it like a du-rag when you open up a starter kit." Further proof that few rappers can make geeky references sound hard like Denzel. 

Although we have yet to hear IDK's verse, it stands to reason that the Maryland rapper will not disappoint. Luckily, we wont' have to wait very long before we can hear the finished product, as the single is reportedly set to drop this Friday, February 2nd. A user from the "r/hiphopheads" subreddit revealed a text message and website from IDK's camp, which confirms that the song is titled "No Wave." Stay tuned for that, and be sure to check out the Mad Man Tour dates above, which finds Denzel Curry, IDK, and A$AP Ferg hitting the road.