Just last month, Kyrie Irving and Dennis Schroder got into it in the middle of a game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets. In the end, both players were ejected from the game, and later on, Irving went on a rant against Schroder, condemning him for his use of the N-word. Irving was offended by it although it doesn't seem like Schroder cared too much about how Kyrie felt about the entire ordeal.

Recently, Schroder made a video for his YouTube page in which he showed off his massive sneaker collection. At one point in the video, Schroder showed off one of his Nike Kyrie sneakers although he quickly noted that after what went down, he won't be wearing Kyrie's shoes ever again.

Dennis Schroder

Elsa/Getty Images

“Kyrie Irving. I have a lot of his shoe, behind the Sprinter, circa 30 to 40 pairs,” Shröder said. “Unfortunately, I can’t wear them no more, it’s not possible after what happened in the game.”

Kyrie has one of the most popular sneaker lines in the entire NBA and numerous players have been seen wearing them. However, it seems like Schroder will now have to sell all of his pairs since they don't really hold much value to him anymore.