Dennis Schroder was supposed to be a huge addition for the Los Angeles Lakers this year. With Rajon Rondo going elsewhere, the Lakers need an adequate point guard and Schroder was set to be that man. Unfortunately, it became clear from the start that he didn't like his role in Los Angeles and wanted a lot more. At times, he made his displeasure be known, and prior to the playoffs, he even ratted out LeBron James for not taking the vaccine.

Just a couple of nights ago, Schroder put up an abysmal performance in Game 5 against the Phoenix Suns, as he scored a whopping zero points. The Lakers were blown out by 30 in the game, and now, the Lakers are set to take on the Suns tonight in a do-or-die scenario. Shockingly, just hours before tip-off, Schroder has preemptively taken the Lakers out of his bio on Instagram.

This was immediately clocked by Lakers fans who are always doing dome digging prior to games. As you can imagine, many fans took this as the ultimate sign of disrespect, and the Schroder slander has already begun. Even Max Kellerman got in on the fun as he stated that Schroder hasn't been a factor anyway.

With the Lakers set to hit the court in just a few hours, this will certainly spark a conversation in the locker room.