Dennis Rodman is easily one of the most bizarre individuals to ever play in the NBA. Whether he is wearing wedding dresses, jumping off of cliffs, or traveling to North Korea to hang out with an oppressive dictator, there is no denying that Rodman has lived an incredibly full life. Not to mention, he also got to play 14 seasons in the NBA and won five championships. Two of those titles were with the Detroit Pistons while the other three were with the Chicago Bulls. Back in 1988, Rodman got to play in the NBA Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers where he was tasked with guarding Magic Johnson. In the end, Johnson was victorious and yesterday, he celebrated his 60th birthday.

To mark the occasion, Rodman took to Instagram to wish the Lakers legend a happy birthday, while also establishing his own dominance. Rodman posted a picture of himself blocking Magic, with the caption "You. Won. The. Finals. But. I. Shut. Your. Ass. Down . 💪 happy. Birthday. Bro." 

Considering the Lakers ended up winning that title, it's a bit of a stretch to say he shut Magic down, although we'll let Rodman get his trash talk off. After all, he would go on to win back-to-back championships following that unsuccessful finals run. 

At this point, Rodman is considered one of the best defensive players to ever do it so we can't be too mad at him for feeling this way although there are probably better ways to wish someone a happy birthday.