Whether you're watching basketball, football, or even hockey, one of the biggest trends in those sports is how soft they are becoming. League's like the NFL and NHL are cracking down on dirty hits and have been alienating both players and fans in the process. Meanwhile, the NBA has seen some pretty soft technical fouls called as of late, specifically on Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks who was ejected from a game simply for staring down his opponent. One of the people that hates this new trend is former Chicago Bulls player Dennis Rodman. 

TMZ Sports caught up with the infamous NBA Champion and asked him about today's NBA. Rodman came with a quick response saying "All these guys should quit wearing tampons!"

If you remember, Rodman took a visit to North Korea back in 2013 and became good friends with Kim Jong Un. TMZ asked Rodman about Donald Trump's latest visit to the country and whether or not he thinks it was a failure.

"I think [Trump] went in there to try to ask for all this bullsh*t and stuff like that and he has to understand you just can't go in and ask a guy like that to surrender his country and his freedom and his people," Rodman explained.

The former Bull also explained that he's thinking of going back to North Korea someday so he can spend time with his new friend.