Dennis Rodman's history of substance abuse has been brought to the public's attention for nearly two decades. A few weeks a go, the former NBA player was arrested for a DUI in California after he was spotted driving recklessly through the streets by the police. Following the rest, Rodman was sent to rehab in Paterson, NJ at the Turning Point Rehabilitation Center. However, it seems like his treatment there only lasted a week as he's already been released from Turning Point.

Dennis Rodman is now out of rehab, TMZ reports. After he completed a week of treatment at Turning Point Rehabilitation Center, The Worm is now out and is working on long-term treatment for himself. Rodman's rep, Darren Prince, says he will be heading back to California to check into an outpatient center that's connected to the New Jersey rehab he was recently in. He'll be there working on "long term treatment" for his alcoholism. 

Prince said that his latest trip to rehab really him accept his alcoholic tendencies and is working hard to get better.

"He’s been working with psychotherapists as well as in group recovery classes," he said, "[Rodman] has finally been accountable for his behavior from alcohol over the years."

Rodman also commented on his recent stint at Turning Point and also admitted that he's been able recognize his issues with alcohol.

"The doctors and nurses at Turning Point were really cool and made me feel comfortable and understand how I got myself into this position and what I need to do to stay on this path." He said.