If you've been paying attention to the antics of Dennis Rodman over the years, then you would know that he is a truly bizarre character. While fans have known about him for decades, he recently received an increase in recognition thanks to the ESPN documentary on the Chicago Bulls called "The Last Dance." Throughout the documentary, Rodman was seen getting himself into a whole heap of trouble, and fans seemed to love every single second of it.

Recently, Rodman was caught on camera in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where he engaged in even more strange antics. In this clip below provided to TMZ, Rodman can be seen taking a package of toilet paper and leaving it in the street before being asked by authorities to go pick it up.

The fun didn't stop there as Rodman was then asked to sign a man's cast. He was also seen hitting on some of the local women and even had himself a cigar after. Just a day in the life of Dennis Rodman, or at least we guess he's always this interesting. 

When it comes to Rodman, you never truly know what he's truly trying to accomplish which ultimately makes these antics that much more fun to watch. Either way, you got to respect him for living his life however he wants.