Dennis Rodman has always been one of the most polarizing figures in basketball and, let's face it, in anything. The former Chicago Bull has been known to be pretty outrageous with his choice of hair color, and his choice of friends as he notably hung out with King Jong-un a few years back. The Worm checked himself into rehab last month following a DUI arrest where he reportedly tested at nearly double the legal limit for blood alcohol level. Rodman has been doing better for himself since checking out of rehab and he celebrated 30 days of sobriety over the weekend.

The former NBA star is rebounding from his past ways, telling Page Six that he has given up drinking and partying so that he can see his kids succeed in their respective fields. His son D.J. has followed in his father's footsteps and is a high school basketball star who may play in the NBA one day and his daughter, Trinity, is joining the United States World Cup soccer team. Rodman wants to be there for his kids to see them succeed with their athletic ability much like he did.

He has been attending AA meetings and is definitely more present in his kids' lives since he has given up partying. The 56-year-old is getting up in years and we hope that he can continue his newfound sobriety, even though it probably means that the crazy Dennis Rodman we're used to will be heavily subdued.