When fans look back at the history of the NBA and think of some of the greatest defenders of all time, Dennis Rodman is always near the top of the list. He was a guy who could pretty well grab every single rebound no matter where it landed and he was always roughing up opposing players in the most legal ways possible. Players like him are extremely rare these days and when it comes to his personality, Rodman is even more of a rare gem.

He has always been an eccentric guy who doesn't feel about speaking his mind or showing emotion. His personal expression is what has made him such a fan favorite and "The Last Dance" made even more casual fans fall in love with him. Today, Rodman is celebrating his 60th birthday and fans are making sure he feels the love.

Dennis Rodman

Rich Fury/Getty Images

If you go on Twitter, Rodman is actually a trending topic and the trend is filled with fans and big media companies celebrating everything Rodman has done over the years. From his hilarious interviews to the times in which he dazzled fans on the court, Rodman has blessed fans with a lot over the years and it is clearly appreciated.

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