Dennis Rodman recently sat down for an interview with CBS Sports in which he addressed the recent trend of healthy NBA superstars (specifically LeBron James) missing games to catch up on rest.

Rodman, who has never been shy about criticizing LeBron James, had this to say about LeBron sitting games out when he's not injured,

"You know what, LeBron’s doing one thing that I always said that Michael Jordan never did," Rodman said. "He never rested. He played every game. LeBron has the position to do this now, because they need him. The league needs him, and that’s why he’s doing all this crazy shit now, like bitching and complaining and all this bullshit."

The Worm also spoke about his former teammate Michael Jordan, and how MJ is a much tougher competitor than LBJ.

"Back then, when he was getting his ass whupped, I mean beat down every game, and then when he played against us [the Pistons], he said—guess what—'I gotta go back in the gym,'" Rodman said. "And he got tough. He got tough, and he got great. And greater. So that’s it."

Of course, LeBron isn't the only NBA superstar who has missed games just because he wanted some rest. Steve Kerr's Golden State Warriors have also done this before, benching Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Iguodala in a recent game against San Antonio.

Here's what Kerr had to say about Rodman's criticism.

"I saw Dennis Rodman was complaining about [players resting]," Kerr said. "I got a kick out of that because Dennis was suspended for 15 games a year anyway. The guy got plenty of rest. Or [went to] Vegas or WrestleMania. He just took a night off whenever he wanted, so he can’t complain."

Check out the full interview here.