A yoga studio in Newport Beach, California is claiming that the ever-unusual Dennis Rodman was involved with robbing them in the middle of the afternoon. TMZ said that they've obtained the surveillance video and stated that Rodman entered the VIBES Hot Yoga studio at approximated 12:45 p.m. on Tuesday with two women and a man.

According to the owner of VIBES, a location known for its celebrity clientele, the bizarre encounter took a thievery turn when Rodman allegedly tried distracting employees as one of the women started putting clothing items into her purse. The owner claimed there was even a point when the woman hid behind the former basketball star as she stole the items.

The odd behavior continued when the man with them reportedly picked up a large crystal art piece valued at $2,500, placed it on a dolly, and told employees that he wanted to purchase it. Before they got the chance to help or refuse him, the crystal shattered on the ground. As the staff is distracted, the woman who was previously stuffing items in her bag decided it was a good time to grab one more piece of clothing.

Finally, the 57-year-old and his party of three leave the store, refusing to pay for the broken piece of expensive art. He also reportedly blamed employees for the destroyed crystal and shifted responsibility. The owner told TMZ that over $500 worth of clothing was stolen and when they paired that with the crystal, they called the police and filed a report for theft. VIBES employees said that Rodman and his friends "reeked of alcohol."

The Newport Beach Police Department didn't have anthing to say about the incident, as did Rodman's attorney who stated, "We would decline comment. It's premature." The NBA Hall of Famer was cited for drunk driving in January 2018 and is currently still on probation.