Pusha T once accused Drake of "hiding a child." In an amusing turn of events, Dennis Graham has surfaced dressed like the man you might hire to find dirt on an illegitimate love-child. Looking like a Depression-era private investigator, Graham has continued to make impressions with his unique fashion sense, and debonnaire demeanor; should a Dick Tracy reboot be looking to cast its titular character, consider Graham as an out-of-the-box candidate. 

He seems to have found a kindred spirit in Jhene Aiko's father, Dr. Karamo Chillambo. Opting for a glistening tracksuit, Dr. Chillambo appears to be content in playing the "good cop" to Graham's "doesn't-play-by-the-rules" bad cop. Together, the dads have hit the town for a night out, presumably hiring babysitters for their respective children. What manner of mischief they got up to is anybody's guess. Judging from the variety of cups in their vicinity, it's safe to say that libations filled the a, b, and c columns on the itinerary.