Deniro Farrar "Can't Touch Me" Video

Mitch Findlay
June 09, 2017 12:00

HNHH PREMIERE! Check the latest from Deniro Farrar.

Deniro Farrar emerges from a motel, crew in tow, as the sinister beat builds. Right off the bat, it's clear Farrar's world is a cold place, in which there will be no mercy. This vibe is further evidenced by Fly Family's cinematography, which bathes the clip in a washed out, sterile light. Overall, the rapper exudes a proud sense of menace, and it makes the track all the more enjoyable. 

The tatted up rapper shows off his canine companions, pumps some iron, and drives down the streets in a pickup while his ATV-riding squad stunts. Check it out now, and get to know Deniro Farrar. 

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