The pusher who gave Demi Lovato the drugs that ultimately caused her overdose is not being charged with any crime as of yet. On top of this fact, he is said to be of no concern at all for legal authorities. Brandon Johnson will not even face an interrogation for his part in the incident that led to Lovato’s overdose.

Johnson has publicly admitted to being the one who provided drugs for the singer. Still, the incident is categorized as a medical emergency which usually does not entail criminal charges. The emergency, in this case, was also self-induced, so Johnson will walk free unless other incriminating details come to light.

The drug dealer has recently been filmed giving his testimony about the night's events in a casual manner. He expressed that the situation was "unfortunate," yet still placed the blame on Demi entirely.

"A hundred percent she knew what she was taking. I had disclosed to her that these are not, you know, pharmaceutical. They're much stronger. She understood fully... It was unfortunate what happened. For people to think that there was any misconception on my behalf is absolutely ridiculous."

Even though he doesn't seem to bear any remorse about the situation, Johnson said the overdose was a "wakeup call."