The man who admitted to supplying Demi Lovato with the Oxycodone that nearly killed her last year has been charged with heroin possession and shoplifting. According to TMZ, Brandon Johnson was caught with heroin on him while shoplifting from a Macy's. Police said that he walked into the store and chose out a Michael Kors bag, pants, and a hoodie before going into a changing room. He allegedly tried to bolt to the door with solely the backpack on him but security stopped him before he made his way out. The backpack was filled with the stolen items, which amounted to $440, as well as the drugs. Johnson's currently facing three misdemeanor counts of shoplifting as well as possession of heroin and ketamine.

Demi Lovato suffered from an overdose last year on Oxycodone that turned out to be laced with fentanyl. Johnson, who doesn't appear to be the sharpest tool in the shed, admitted to supplying Lovato with the pills last year on TMZ.

"A hundred percent she knew what she was taking," he said. "I had disclosed to her that these are not, you know, pharmaceutical. They're much stronger. She understood fully... It was unfortunate what happened. For people to think that there was any misconception on my behalf is absolutely ridiculous."

However, he later managed to dodge criminal charges in the investigation after authorities determined her overdose as a self-induced medical emergency.