In recent years, Demi Lovato has become more vocal about being a young star in Hollywood. The singer's life has been fraught with controversy over her substance abuse, near-death experience following an overdose, and repeated stints in rehab. The 27-year-old has endured much at her age, and now she's opening up about how the industry normalized her eating disorder, even at times supporting it.

Demi Lovato, Eating Disorder
Ari Perilstein / Stringer / Getty Images

“I used to have people watching me the night before a photo shoot to make sure that I didn't binge or eat and be swollen the next day,” said Demi Lovato in an interview with Bustle. “I kind of looked around and had a moment where I was like, ‘Wow. This is so terrifyingly normalized.'" She's now managed by Scooter Braun who is more concerned with her overall health, but prior to that, Demi claimed she had a team who made sure that she maintained a certain image regardless of how damaging it was. For her birthday, they wouldn't let her have cake, but instead fed her watermelon with whipped cream on top.

“I started doing all this work, allowing myself to feel the pains of all the losses that I've had or the adversities or traumas that I've faced. I think my ability to be vulnerable and be more intimate with people has really heightened.”