Demi Lovato leapt to her feet in 2011, feeling liked she'd finally grasped addictive personality after exiting rehab for the first time. No one could have predicted the rocky road that lay ahead. TMZ has learned that within weeks of her most recent relapse, her team tried in vain to stage an intervention. They had sensed she was going down that rocky road once again. Inevitably the singer rejected those advances, and suffered a fate similar to 2011, albeit under slightly different circumstances.

Sources close to the singer expressed that Demi was "in a bad place" a few weeks ago, when members of her entourage first spoke their piece about her condition. Sensing there was little recourse, her team hatched a plan to push her in the direction of a rehab program. Not only did Demi Lovato refuse those advances, but she stood resolute in her wish to resume partying, a decision that proved costly in the end.

Observers of the situation have found probable cause for Demi's misdirection. Only a few months ago, longtime manager Phil McIntyre is said to have parted ways (mutually) with his client, Demi. While McIntyre and Lovato no longer share a professional relationship, it is believed he played a keen role in the intervention efforts.