Demi Lovato was reportedly facing "complications" following her apparent overdose last week but it seems like she's alright after all. The singer is reportedly set to be discharged from the hospital a week and a half after being admitted.

According to TMZ, Demi Lovato's stabilized from her overdose and her team is now making plans to send her to rehab after she's released from the hospital. Ultimately, Demi has to make the decision whether she's going to rehab or not but her friends and some of her employees are making it clear that if she doesn't go to rehab, they'll cut her off. 

One of Demi's employees said that she'll resign from her position if Demi doesn't get treatment.

"She could die if she doesn't, and that's not going to be on my watch that we did nothing." A source said.

Demi's team is nervous for her decision on whether she'll go back to rehab or not. Sourced said that she was on a downward spiral a few months a go and her team was concerned for her. Now, they're nervous whether she'll actually choose to get treatment. However, Demi was reportedly incredibly scared from the overdose and the subsequent complications to the point where they believe that she'll check herself into a live-in rehabilitation center for an extended period of time.

We'll keep you updated.