Demi Lovato left family, friends and fans everywhere shocked when reports came in suggesting she had overdosed on heroin in her Hollywood Hills home. The reports quickly changed when sources close to the singer claimed it was not heroin, but possibly methamphetamine. It's unclear if the specific drug was the cause of the overdose, but it was one of a few drugs that were photographed in the singer's home. 

Just days before Demi's tragic start of the week, the 25-year-old was performing in Paso Robles at the Mid-State Fair, singing her latest hit "Sober." Unfortunately for many concertgoers, her performance wasn't all that since Demi forgot some of her words and just really wasn't giving it her all. "Fuck I forgot the words," you hear her say in the video below, before laughing it off. 

"Addiction isn’t one of those things you can put yourself in the shoes of," Kehlani tweeted in support of her friend. "You had to have fought the fight yourself or had it rip your family apart your entire life... even then, the latter is still not the same thing. this isn’t the time for the picking apart or making light of."