As previously reported, 21 Savage was arrested by ICE in Atlanta over the weekend and is now being held in their custody until further notice. The rapper risks being deported back to his home country. While the news has upset many, social media users are engaging in a virtual roast. Jokes about his situation and nationality have been circulating. Demi Lovato slid into the fun when she shared a meme that pairs a picture of a hand and quill with a caption that read: "This how 21 Savage be writing his verse."

Lovato received mixed signals in response. People trollololed with her but Wale came through to ask why she thought someone's freedom was funny. "I don't get the joke," he wrote. According to Demi's reaction, the pair may have a long yet sparse history. "Wale just salty I never replied to his desperate tweets years ago," she tweeted.

Wale, who has the knack for diffusing this type of online animosity, responded with kindness: "Still ain't gon' disrespect you..Still playing for you Demi. Glad U seen my old tweets," he offered. "Hopefully you seen the ones providing comfort and prayer when you were down. I don't kick people when they down. Go queen." Demi has since deactivated her Twitter account.