DeMarcus Cousins returned to the basketball court this NBA season on January 18th after sitting out with a lengthy injury. The superstar joined the already stacked Golden State Warriors in the offseason, signing a one-year $5.3 million deal which to this day is still considered an incredible steal. Because of Cousins injury, many teams simply didn't want to take a chance on him, including the New Orleans Pelicans who had the opportunity to sign him.

Cousins spoke about his offseason in an interview with The Athletic where he talks about how he didn't plan on joining Steph Curry and the gang, but the lack of interest kind of forced him into that position.

"The people I reached out, the teams I was talking to, and how they slammed the phone in my face," Cousins explained. "They all slammed the door shut on me. I wish I could share those conversations. But it's done with. I reached out to teams with the same offer as Golden State, just to see."

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

He then talked about his former teammate Anthony Davis and the chemistry they shared while with the Pelicans. 

"I think about our pairing all the time. Me and AD talk about it. It's f***ed up. It could've been something great, something special, but other people had different things in mind. That's out of our control," he explained. 

The Golden State Warriors are currently first in the Western Conference with a record of 33-14.