The Sacramento Kings have reportedly hit DeMarcus Cousins with a "substantial fine" for confronting, and cursing out, the Sacramento Bee's Andy Furillo last week.

Cousins scolded Furillo in the Kings locker room for an article he wrote about the nightclub brawl that Cousins and Matt Barnes were involved with after a game in New York City. The article also mentioned Cousins' brother, Jaleel, which seemed to be what really set him off.

He said:

"You're gonna have some real fucking issues ... Don't ever mention my brother again. You don't know my fucking brother ... You can say whatever the fuck you want to say about me, but don't mention my motherfucking family."

Head coach Dave Joerger added the following, backing up his player:

“I do think what the Sacramento Bee did the other day was just ridiculous,” Joerger said.

“This guy is the face of our franchise,” Joerger said. “He’s done and said some things that he wishes he could do over. He’s improved; he’s gotten better. But to go and use other reporters, third person, oh he bullies his coaches or he bullies, that is (trash). And to put it out there like that, that is ridiculous.”

Today, the team issued a statement regarding the altercation, noting that he has been fined an undisclosed amount of money.

Per Marc J. Spears:

"The Kings have a clear set of standards of conduct expected of our entire organization. As a result of negative interactions with certain members of the media that were not corrected after verbal warnings, we have decided to impose a substantial fine. If this behavior is repeated again we will be forced to consider further discipline."