Golden State Warriors All Star center DeMarcus Cousins is encouraging Duke Blue Devils freshman phenom Zion Williamson should sit out the rest of the season and prepare for the June NBA Draft.

As you've likely seen by now, Williamson's Nike PG 2.5 ripped to shreds in the opening seconds of Wednesday night's game against UNC, and he was ruled out with a mild knee sprain. Speaking with reporters today, Cousins advised the 18-year old star to do what's best for him and his family, while describing college basketball as "bullshit."

Cousins' full comments (H/T USA Today):

“Knowing what I know now? College is bullshit. College basketball, the NCAA is bullshit. My advice for him is do what’s best for you and your family. Obviously college isn’t. It does nothing for you at this point. You’ve proven you’re the No. 1 pick coming out, you’ve proven your talent. Get ready for the next level, because it’s happening. That’s my opinion, knowing what I know now.

Obviously when I was at that age, you know, you enjoy the moment, you enjoy the experience and all that. But it’s so many risks involved to get to the ultimate goal, which is this level.”

Cousins only spent one year at Kentucky before making the leap to the NBA, where he was selected fifth overall by the Sacramento Kings in the 2010 Draft.

When asked if he's ever busted through a sneaker like Williamson did last night, Cousins responded, "Not in PUMAs." Boogie ditched Nike to join the ever-growing PUMA roster prior to the start of the NBA season.

Check out his comments about the kicks, as well as his thoughts on the NCAA's "one-and-done" rule, in the videos embedded below.