Earlier today, it was revealed that DeMarcus Cousins had been diagnosed with a torn ACL after injuring his knee during a training session in Las Vegas on Monday. It's an unfortunate series of events for the Los Angeles Lakers star as just weeks earlier, he had talked about how he wanted to play 82 games this season. The Lakers took a waiver on Cousins hoping he could get back to his production from before his Achilles injury a couple of years ago. Now, it looks like they will have to be without him for the majority of the season, which will certainly set them back a bit. 

Cousins' situation is a cautionary tale in how sometimes, your NBA career isn't guaranteed. When Cousins was going through his Achilles issues in New Orleans, he was offered a contract but because it wasn't the max, he ended up walking away and signed a short term deal with the Golden State Warriors instead. During the playoffs, Cousins hurt his quad but was able to come back in time for the Finals. This season in Los Angeles was supposed to be his way of proving to the league that he deserves max money but with his injury woes, it doesn't look like that will happen.

Following the news, Cousins' peers took to Twitter to show support for the big man and even offered some prayers in the process.