DeMar DeRozan will turn 30 years old before the 2019-20 NBA season tips off, but the new FaceApp filter has the San Antonio Spurs shooting guard looking like he's about to turn 300. 

FaceApp's updated filter is designed to make you look 60 years older, and many of the resulting photos are incredibly realistic, as you've probably seen while scrolling your timeline. Athletes and celebrities, as well as some of your family and friends, have begun to take part in the viral trend that has now been dubbed the "FaceApp Challenge." 

DeRozan, for one, was absolutely freaked out by the way he looked.

"Whoever started this FaceApp shit, man this shit is fucked up, man. Got me aging like this, man. Y'all fucking people's life up, man! Stop!"

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love also took part in the FaceApp Challenge, but he seemed way more content with the turnout. Check out both DeRozan and Love's future selves, as well as the cast of "Stranger Things," in the posts embedded below.