San Antonio Spurs star DeMar DeRozan has been balling on the court this season. Although the new season just started, he is averaging 21.8 points per game along with 6.2 rebounds and 8 assists. DeMar was infamously shipped off to Texas in the Kawhi Leonard trade that sent the superstar to Toronto. While Leonard was hopping through his third team in nearly as many seasons, DeMar was leveling up in San Antonio. 

DeRozan will be a free agent following this season, so eyes are locked onto where he may end up. The baller may be thinking about ending his commitment to the Spurs, but he indulged in another commitment this offseason. DeRozan opted to commit to a large Malcolm X tattoo before the season started. Famed artist Steve Wiebe, who has worked on Kevin Durant, John Wall, and more, inscribed the iconic Black leader into DeRozan's inner upper arm. The image should be familiar to most, it is the iconic shot of Malcolm holding a rifle for an Ebony photoshoot in 1964.

Maybe DeRozan was feeling a little gansta after thwarting a home invasion this past Summer, or perhaps the year of Black Lives Matter protests really hit home for the baller. Whatever the reason, the tat is dope.