DeJ Loaf is starting to capitalize on the success of "Try Me," by releasing her new mixtape Sell Sole and singing to a major label, Columbia Records. Still, she has a lot more she wants to do in the game and she's just getting started. We spoke to her for a second time when she was in New York, where she discussed working on Sell Sole for the past two years, choosing to go with Columbia, and possibly doing an EP with Young Thug.

DeJ first speaks on Sell Sole, saying she held on to a lot of music from the last two years because she didn't have the proper resources to drop a mixtape. "Nothing sounds like this, coming from a girl anyway. I just try to make relatable music" DeJ says, naming "I Don't Know" as her favorite song off the tape. "I recorded that a couple weeks go."

Young Thug and Birdman made an appearance on the tape, but the relationship between DeJ and Thugga won't be stopping there. "Thug, he reached out. He was like, 'yo I like your music, we should put something together, we need to make an EP. We should make an EP.' So I was like cool, I rock with what he do. I think it'd be dope. So I sent him "Blood", I'm like, 'I think you'd be dope on here'," she continued, "And then Birdman actually called me and gave me some game, it was like a real recognize real type of thing. So that was dope."

As to be expected when you have the hottest song out, a lot of major labels were hounding DeJ to sign her. "A lot of people reached out when we first started out cause the song was hot, "Try Me." So we just kept getting calls about it, but we wanted to go with the people who were, okay, you have "Try Me" but what else do you have? We're interested in knowing that- who is this girl, and what is she about, why is she making this record. What else does she have? We just wanted to go with the situation that fit me best, and everybody came at us," DeJ told us. "We went to Columbia 'cause they see the vision."

As for what's next for the rising female MC, she says, "The mixtape dropped, we're gunna start working on the album. We gotta start working on that, lock in, get some good music poppin'. More music, that's what it's about. Music. Album. I'm tryna stamp my name. 'Cause people come in and outta the industry all the time, I'm not a one-hit wonder. Legendary status is where I wanna take it."

Watch the full interview below, and stay tuned for our review of Sell Sole later today.