DeJ Loaf is prepping a new EP, told hold fans over as she works on her official major label album debut. The Detroit lady dropped off her Sell Sole mixtape in October, and so this'll be her first project since that, and she's developed a pretty loyal following in the midst of it.

The other week she released a new single off #AndSeeThatsTheThing, the Big Sean-featured "Back Up." Today she's unveiled the official artwork, which features a black and white close-up shot of DeJ.

DeJ spoke on the significance of the artwork to XXL, saying, "I wanted the cover art for #AndSeeThatsTheThing to be a self photo that needed no explanation. I wanted the people to understand everything in one photo and kind of be like ‘exactly, I get it’ because the title itself to me, means there’s no going around this. This is it, I’m here to stay. Different Flavors, different style. Anything I wanna do I can do it."

Take a look above.