All too often, emcees get caught up listening to and taking influence from the majors instead of looking at the wealth of material growing right in their local music scene. DeJ Loaf is not that kind of emcee. The following ten tracks, all of which Loaf picked herself, were so underground Detroit that half of the emcees listed didn't even come up in a Google image search. Throughout the interview, she'd recite lyrics on cue, so don't get to thinking she did all of this research just to come off as impressive. 

Listening to the picks, it's easy to hear where Loaf draws her inspiration from. Take a look at the galleries above for Dej's top 10 favorite songs from the D, and watch her reel them off in the video below. We've also included our recent interview with DeJ.

Still not up on Loaf's music? Be sure to check out her new mixtape Sell Sole, which recently placed second on our list of fall's top releases.