DeJ Loaf - Beef N Broccoli

  September 26, 2016 17:01
Beef N Broccoli
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DeJ Loaf opens up about stress, depression, & self-medication on "Beef N Broccoli."

"Beef N Broccoli" begins sounding like a Led Zeppelin track for the first seven seconds before dovetailing into an emotional DeJ Loaf power ballad. It is one of her most revealing tracks to date.

The soft-spoken Detroit native prefers to keep a pretty low profile, and on "Beef N Broccoli" she opens up about stress, depression, and self-medication, about old friends and allies turning against her for no discernible reason. Fame can ruin people. We've seen it before.

After "Beef N Broccoli," listen to our list of 10 essential DeJ Loaf tracks here. That debut album can't be far away.

Quotable Lyrics

Sometimes I wanna get away ’cause life gets stressful
I done had it up to here
I felt the pressure
Got me turning up the bottle to deal with depression
They want to see you down than see you progressing

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