Def Jam is one of the most notable and legendary labels in hip hop. Since it's inception, it's been home to some of the most iconic artists of all time and is currently the home to new legends in the game. Not only that, but Def Jam also used its momentum in the mid-2000's to venture into the video game world with Def Jam: Fight For NY. It was followed by two sequels, Def Jam: Vendetta as well as Def Jam: Icon. While it's one of those games that's mainly remembered by hip hop heads, it was also very well received. Despite the fact that it's been over ten years since the Def Jam: Fight For NY came out, it seems as if there's a strong chance a sequel is on its way.

Earlier today, Def Jam took to Twitter to tease a possible sequel to Def Jam: Fight For NY. The tweet read, "Pick a city" followed by a list of cities to choose from including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago and Miami.

This comes a few months after Def Jam tweeted a fake cover of Vendetta for PS4 and asked, "HYPOTHETICALLY, who’d you like to see on the cover if this game made a comeback?"

At this point, they haven't revealed a whole lot of information about it but hopefully, this is something that comes into fruition. Right now, Def Jam is home to YG, Vince Staples, Pusha T, 2 Chainz, Nas, Logic, Justin Bieber and more. It would be incredible to see a sequel to the video game with some of the artists listed.