Fake tracklists are getting better and better, and as a result, they're becoming easier to believe. Kanye West has always been a victim of pre-release hijinx of this kind, and now that his new album has officially been announced, the trolling has begun.

Yesterday, a photo of a tracklist from Def Jam began to circulate, and while fans have learned to be hesitant with this type of thing, many held out hope (or expressed disappointment) over the alleged document. One thing was clear, if the tracklist was fake, the culprit had clearly done their research, working off of previously announced collaborations, and GOOD Music affiliations.

Def Jam has now swooped in to confirm that the photo is most definitely a hoax, with Def Jam's executive vice president Gabe Tesoriero debunking reports in an email released to FADER.

Perhaps the "All Day" remix featuring the insane cast of Chief Keef, Migos, Tyga, and King Louie should've been enough of a clue to discount the pic.

View the fake tracklist in the gallery above.