The third-party news keeps coming in on Kanye West's new album. Has everyone heard it except for the masses? While 'Ye himself refuses to speak out on the album, his team has been talking every chance they get (kinda). Today we hear from the CEO of Def Jam on what the highly anticipated album sounds like.

Steve Bartels, the recently-appointed CEO of Def Jam, spoke on the label's future among other things with Billboard. During the interview he was asked what he could say about the Kanye West album, and he replied,

"It sounds incredible. He's focused, energetic, happy and making unbelievably great music. Kanye always wants to make sure that when it actually arrives it's at the best possible place it could be, that the first song is as big as the last. He's the absolute bar of perfection in terms of that. I tell him all the time: Some of his previous albums are still testing out in the marketplace as high, if not higher, than when they first came out because the music is still fresh to people."

Read the full interview here.