When news circulated that "Exonerated Five" member Raymond Santana was dating former reality star Chandra "Deelishis" Davis, there were a few critics who were skeptical about their relationship. Some saw them as an unlikely pair, especially considering Deelishis once vied for the love, attention, and affection of Flavor Flav on his VH1 reality show, Flavor of Love.

Deelishis and Raymond sat down together for an Instagram Live interview, and she revealed that when they met, Raymond had a few women on deck. The Flavor of Love star admitted that Raymond was concerned that she was more interested in his money, but she said she had to show him everything she built without him to prove that she wasn't worried about his bank account. 

"So that he knew I don't need you, I want you, but I don't need you," Deelishish said. "I got my own. Matter fact, mine probably is topping yours." Raymond chimed in, "I don't know about that, now. You going too far." Deelishis added, "Not only that, who moved in with who?" Raymond Santana admitted that he was "impressed" with Deelishis and the life she'd constructed for her family.

Deelishis added that when she was being pelted with negative comments, she took it in stride because in the end, both she and Raymond knew the truth and now, they're planning their quarantine-free wedding. Check out the clip below.