There have been plenty of headlines that Deb Antney hasn't been happy with, but only Bossip will endure her wrath. In the publication's Headline Heat series, they allow celebrities to sit down and read some of their most controversial or out-of-pocket headlines about them ever published by Bossip. Ms. Deb isn't one to mince words, so she kicked things off by getting into her drama with her former artist, French Montana.

Antney sued the rapper for completing business deals behind her back, and last year a court ordered that he pay her a near $2 million judgment. "French is actually the first artist that I ever took to court, and I would have never taken him to court except on Hot 97 he said some slick ass sh*t that made me have to come back at him," she said. "And that's why he's being served on a platter."

There was a headline that stated Antney said Nicki Minaj was her first successful artist, but she denied that. "Nicki is not my firstborn child of being successful, but she was my firstborn daughter that I looked at," she said. "Working with her set a high bar with me for women. Period. I'm definitely not gonna say nothing negative against Nicki. No one could ever get me to say anything negative against Nicki, but you're not gonna get me to say anything negative about her. I'm not gonna say anything about Cardi B either 'cause I'm pro-woman. Period."

She also addresses her son Waka Flocka and rapper Gucci Mane having love for each other even though they may not be on the best of terms, and whether or not she was being conned by her "son" Brandon Barnes who said on Growing Up Hip Hop that he was training to be a firefighter. Check it all out below.