A disturbing video of a young girl being abused by her parent recently went viral, and it's captured the attention of Deb Antney. The famed music executive and mother to Waka Flocka has reportedly stepped in to help a teenage girl who was filmed by her father and stepmother being disciplined over her behavior, but their methods caused concern for the masses. After chastising the girl verbally, the stepmother told the teen to take her hair down. When she didn't, the stepmother grabbed at her hair, hitting her o the head, so the girl ran out of the room. The altercation was streamed on Live and showed the father chase the girl down, before physically dragging her back into the room once again where she was assaulted by the stepmother. When the girl attempted to run, the father pinned her down on the ground and sat on her chest.

The father later posted a video where he defended his actions, but rapper Lil Scrappy shared the viral clip in hopes of finding the man and his daughter. Tammy Rivera commented that she knew who the girl was, and later, Deb Antney revealed that the girl was now in her care. In a video she uploaded, the girl, whose name is said to be Trinity, is in a vehicle with Deb as she smiles and waves to the camera. Deb tells viewers to stop making fake pages pretending to be Trinity while also assuring the public that the teenager is safe.

“She Is Safe Now. Thank you @reallilscrappy for helping," Deb Antney wrote in the caption to her video. "She’s safe now! Thank you everyone for the support. She’s in good hands. I got her! Allstate ain’t got nothing on me right now. So she is super good. She’s safe and she’s good. And people please stop making those fake pages and saying things that are really not true.” Watch Deb's video below.