If you've managed to stomach the revolting album cover of Death Grips' latest project Year of the Snitch, you're probably already a fan of the group. If you enjoyed the album, then here's some good news: you can now listen to the album in it's pure instrumental form.

Obviously the maniac raps from the group's frontman, MC Ride, is one of the main drawing points of the their music, but the production of Zach Hill and Andy Morin is what elevates the songs to much more than just simple screaming. 

If you're an artist who is also a fan of Death Grips, now's your chance to offer your own interpretation of the instrumentals. It wouldn't be hard to picture Tyler, The Creator (a noted Death Grips fan) going in over one of these beats, especially considering that he's been on a roll of covering other artists' songs lately. 

This isn't the first time that Death Grips have delivered an instrumental-only project. In 2015, the group dropped Fashion Week, a collection of glitchy instrumentals with a naming convention that makes it almost impossible to remember which song is which.

Year of the Snitch is the group's sixth studio album. Death Grips is known for getting some bizarre features on their projects (actor Robert Pattinson played guitar on their 2013 album Government Plates), but they've likely landed their strangest one yet with Shrek composer Andrew Adamson.

Check out the instrumentals for Year of the Snitch below, and make with them what you will.