If you're beginning to grow tired of the Kanye West and Donald Trump bro-fest, here's a bromance that is much more hilarious and rewarding. Deadpool 2 hits theaters next month, which means somewhere, Ryan Reynolds is prancing around in his Deadpool costume causing mayhem and making people laugh. It's honestly one of the most ingenious, and cost-efficient, publicity moves ever, as all Reynolds has to do is show up somewhere unexpected in the costume and make a few jokes. That is exactly what he did while Hugh Jackman was trying to record a special birthday video for a fan. 

Jackman was attempting to record himself giving a happy birthday message to a fan on Twitter from his hotel room on Friday, but he is abruptly interrupted by Deadpool, who is laying on the bed behind him singing '"Tomorrow" from Annie. "When you’re trying to record a heartfelt birthday message .... but are interrupted by the least greatest showman," wrote Jackman in the Twitter post of the hilarious clip. “Don’t give him too much attention,” he states as Deadpool continues to sing. Before the video ends, Deadpool segues into a rendition of "Who Let The Dogs Out," in which Jackman can't help but join in.