The third instalment of Deadpool risked becoming a squeaky-clean Disney movie following Marvel's absorption into the mass media conglomerate, but CEO Bob Iger is here to set the record straight. Not only will Marvel Studios continue to exert ultimate creative control over the franchise, but Deadpool 3 promises to be just as "R-Rated" as the other two in the series.

In a call with Disney investors, Iger issued his pledge to maintain the status quo with Deadpool 3. "We will continue in that business,” promised Iger to his shareholders. "There’s certainly popularity" with those types of films, he added. 

With that said, the CEO also hinted that while the Deadpool franchise will retain its oats going forward, look for the 3rd film to fall under a different banner than those associated with Disney or Marvel films (traditionally) - so as to "not confuse the consumer." The branding tactic is also meant to ensure that parents don't accidentally expose their children to something "R-Rate," due to a mislabelled product. The revelation suits all interested parties. The Disney-fellowship get a child-lock mechanism attached to each product, and the Marvel purists can rest assured the R-Rated agenda remains an objective for the franchise going forward.