Projected Top-5 NBA Draft prospect, De'Aaron Fox recently linked up with Bleacher Report for an in-depth interview ahead of this week's NBA Draft, wherein his father Aaron and his trainer, Chris Gaston, shed some light on the type of person Fox is, both on and off-the-court.

De'Aaron's father was also asked about some of the comments made by the father of another highly touted draft prospect, Lonzo Ball.

In speaking about Lonzo's outspoken father LaVar, and the way De'Aaron hung 39 points on Lonzo's UCLA Bruins in the NCAA Tournament, Aaron Fox told Jonathan Abrams of Bleacher Report,

“My son already ate his ass up twice,” he said. “[LaVar] can say what he wants to say. I just tell him to go back and watch the film. That’s it. All that yap, yap, yapping, I don’t even got to respond to that. We played them twice. Twice his son got outplayed. I always tell [De’Aaron], let your game speak for it. You ain’t got to talk. You ain’t got to fuss.”

De'Aaron added,

“I don’t want anyone talking for me,” Fox says. “I’ll do it myself.”

Fox, who inked a deal with Nike ahead of the June 22nd Draft, recently admitted to Sports Illustrated that his mindset heading into Kentucky's battle with UCLA back in March was to "shut LaVar Ball up." 

You can check out Bleacher Report's "The Making of a Superstar: De'Aaron Fox" right here.