Prior to last night's NBA Summer League game between the Kings and Lakers, it was announced that Lonzo Ball would be sitting out the contest due to a sore groin. 

Of course, this precautionary measure quickly turned into, "Lonzo is ducking De'Aaron Fox," since the former Kentucky point guard, who now plays for Sacramento, lit up Lonzo's UCLA Bruins for 39 points during the NCAA Tournament. 

De'Aaron added fuel to the fire by sending out a *face palm* emoji on twitter immediately after he found out Lonzo wouldn't be playing in their "rematch." Fox deleted the tweet shortly after it was posted and later joked about it after the Kings' 95-92 win last night.

Coming to Lonzo's defense, Fox said, per ESPN,

"He's a competitor," Fox said of Ball after the Lakers held off the Kings to win 95-92. "If he's hurt, like people say, it's summer league, don't risk it. When I tweaked my ankle [in the third quarter], Coach took me out and said the same thing.

"No one is ducking anybody at the end of the day."

When asked about the tweet, Fox added,

"I got hacked," Fox said before laughing. "Nah, I like to play with y'all. ... I know what y'all do. It made a story, didn't it?

"I knew y'all were going to take it. Y'all ran with it faster than I would run a 40. So I did it."