Method Man and Redman were teasing a sequel to their cult classic, How High for over a decade, but unfortunately, it never came into fruition. In late September, MTV announced that they would be producing a sequel to the film starring Lil Yachty and DC Young Fly. However, there were no signs that Meth and Red would return. Fans were understandably upset including DC Young Fly who admits that he still has hopes that the original duo will pop up on set.

DC Young Fly is among the many fans who were hoping that Method Man and Redman would return to their roles as Silas and Jamal in How High 2. The Wild N' Out star explained that "business is business" but he was ultimately expecting the duo to pop up on the set at some point.

"I was disappointed," DC Young Fly told TMZ. "Everyday, I is like, 'Is [Method Man & Redman] comin'? Is they gon' be here?' You know what I'm sayin'? Even though they ain't part of the movie, we still tryin' to keep the culture alive."

He also said that Method Man and Redman set the bar so high in the original that he and Lil Yachty can't live up to the same expectations in the sequel (which is reportedly titled How High 2: 4:20), but they will try to build on what Meth and Red created.

"Meth and Red done set the standard so high that it really can't be matched," he said. "We only can just, like I say, bridge the gap from the youth and the old and just bring 'em together because we can't top that. Only thing we could do is just be another How High, just in a younger generation.