Over Memorial Day weekend, DC Young Fly drew viral attention to himself after allegedly knocking someone out while onstage at a comedy club in Oakland. Speaking out shortly after the incident he explained, "Im from the WestSide of Atlanta im really from the streets I [been] stabbed I am traumatized but GOD turned my life around but I always stay on point just in case I have to protect myself!!!!!"

He continued, "Pleasanton/Oakland I love [y'all] forever and we always have a good time but I'm mad [y'all] l had to see [that] side of me but if u dont f*ck wit me please dont come to my shows if [your] intentions aint to kome and have a good time dont show up cause I pray that the energy is rite everywhere I go." He later took to Instagram again to clarify exactly what went down that night. 

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images

In the Instagram footage, he begins by explaining that he did not provoke the situation at all. "I'm going crazy, I got the crowd going crazy, I'm mid-joke," he explains in the video. He then explains a guy walks on stage and he embraces him thinking everything is cool.

"That n*gga on stage he like, 'Whats up n*gga,' and I'm like bro you tripping," he explains, adding that he moved away from the man. The aggressor then knocks his hand, and Young Fly explains it was lights out for him after that. 


He furthered, "By the time they woke his a*s up and sent him on his way, I told everyone to sit down and enjoy the show!" 

He then thanked his Oakland audience for being a good audience despite the minor mishap

Thankfully, Young Fly's one-hitter saved the night.