Maybe it's something in the air, but people have been stricken with an uncontrollable desire to make lists. We recently saw the phenomenon pop off with a viral Top 50 Rappers list from The Brew Podcast, which subsequently sparked a second wave of heated takes. Of course, ranking emcees is part and parcel to hip-hop discourse, with Top 5 lists making up an essential component of the "Old Head Energy Starter Pack." Yet that's not to say the practice is exclusive to the rap game. Somewhere out there, somebody was struck with the fever and decided to pen a list of the Top 50 most influential social media influencers.

Lined with curious takes, with some bound to ruffle feathers, the list's top ten reads as follows: DC Young Fly, ThatgirlLayLay, Akademiks, Fatboy, Soulja Boy, 50 Cent, 6ix9ine, Supreme Patty, Kingchestnut 9000, and Jake Paul. The crown was not lost to its recipient. "I dont kno who made this but hey preciate it," writes Young Fly, in response to his number one placement. Akademiks himself caught wind of the list, and seemed content with his own place on the podium. As of now, 50 Cent has yet to acknowledge the list, though given his penchant for IG trolling, his position is well-secured. 

Check out the latest top 50 list above, and should you possess even the slightest interest in the world of social media influencers, do you feel this one holds weight? Any particular oversights or poor placements? 

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images